Safest Football Helmet of 2020

What are the Safest Football Helmets in 2020?

And why is there all this fuss about helmets?

Why? Because major injuries like concussions are very much a part of this game. And too many hits to the head can cause permanent damage over time.

Safest Football Helmet

Riddell SpeedFlex

The first on our list of the Safest Football Helmets in 2020 comes from Riddell which features a floating shock absorption system between the football helmet’s outer shell and the liner within it. As the helmet experiences external forces from a collision with another player, the linear and rotational forces (said to be the cause of most concussions) is redirected and thus lessened.

Riddell’s SpeedFlex Helmet which features all of the technological improvements designed to make it the safest helmet from this company. The SpeedFlex features a modern, streamlined design and the Patented Side Impact Protection feature that Riddell has incorporated into all the football helmets they are offering in the market today.

Unlike the classic construction of most football helmets, the SpeedFlex is designed to flex with the impact it receives. This helps redistribute the bulk of the external force minimizing the shock to the head. The replaceable liner within this helmet is also designed to fit all head sizes to ensure that there is little to no movement once a collision with another player occurs.

Schutt’s Vengeance Pro

Schutt is known for using TPU to construct their helmets. TPU or Thermoplastic Urethane is designed to absorb impacts and redistribute the forces evenly throughout its surface.

Schutt’s dual compression TPU is probably the most attractive feature for these helmets. Improving on their past design, the dual compression TPU layer found in the helmet basically acts like a shock absorber, as soon as the hard outer layer receives the impact, the linear and rotational forces are distributed evenly on the first layer of the DCT. It then travels to the less dense secondary layer where the forces are further minimized before the shock registers on the players head.

Aside from this, this helmet also features the Fit Liner within the helmet to further break down the force of the external impact it is subjected to.

So what you have is basically a helmet that stops linear and rotational forces from causing massive damage to the players’ brain.

Vicis Zero1

And to round up the list of the Safest Football Helmets in 2020 we’ll have to make sure that the Vicis Zero1 helmet is included. This is the newest and probably the safest helmet in the market today specifically targeted at protecting NFL players.

Unlike the other three in the list, the Vicis Zero1 is designed to crumple in order to effectively absorb the external impact exerted on the helmet. This innovation is based on the automotive industry’s solution to providing passenger safety in the event of a crash.

The Vicis Zero1 works by absorbing the impact and slightly deforming the helmet before it bounces back again to its original state. This is done through the combination of the LODE shell and omni-directional movement of the RFLX layer within the outer shell. In this manner, the impact is initially absorbed by the helmet’s outer shell and distributed evenly all throughout before the shock reaches the head of the player.

The player is further protected by the protective padding found inside the helmet which provides a very snug fit for each individual player. This high level of compression ensures that there is very little head movement inside the helmet during powerful impacts from any given direction. The internal cushion can also be swapped out to ensure that whoever is wearing this helmet has padding specifically suited to protect them.

The chin strap that comes with this helmet further keeps the entire head anchored within the helmet to make sure there are no excessive movements happening when someone takes a hit.

To date, Vicis Zero1 helmet has already been shown to successfully reduce the impact forces that lead to concussions but it is not yet out in the market. The NFL has shown interest in the helmet and is looking forward to incorporate it as a league standard helmet to ensure the safety of all the players in the field.

And if you think that this would result into an ugly looking helmet, think again! This is actually a very streamlined helmet and it borders on the sexy with its sculpted features.

So there you have it! Those are the safest helmets for this year and the years to come. All of these helmets are potential game changers in the helmet manufacturing industry. There’s still a long way to go before someone can finally come up with the perfect helmet but we’re slowly and surely taking some major leaps towards that direction. These companies continue to incorporate new innovations to their designs and you can be sure that they’ll come out with something radical in the coming years.

Now suit up, protect yourself at all times and play to win!

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