Best Football Lineman Cleats Reviews in 2020

Are you looking for the Best Lineman Football Cleats released in 2020? Good, let us help you decide better which one is best for you!

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Looking for the Best Lineman Football Cleats released in 2020 can prove to be challenging if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for because there are a lot of products out there in the market today.It seems like all manufacturers are coming out with products rapidly and each one claims to be the best football cleats 2020 has to offer!

What makes a pair of cleats deserve the title “best lineman football cleats”? Well, there are many factors to consider. For one, linemen tend to be large players so having the ability to support all that weight is crucial to earning that much coveted title.

Although linemen aren’t expected to run straight lines extensively, they still have to play a crucial role of creating space for other players to effect a successful play. So, their movements tend to be relegated to just a few steps and then meeting heavy resistance from the opposing linemen in the scrimmage line.What happens next is comparable to a sumo wrestling competition, albeit with helmets and full gear to boot. So, a lineman has to be able to dig deep into the turf (whether it’s artificial or natural) and keep their present position or advance effortlessly through the resistance.

What you need are high performance pair of cleats that can help linemen play their roles effectively.

Then again there’s a huge difference between offering a high performance pair of cleats and earning the title of being the best defensive lineman cleats. You see, earning that title has to come from positive testimonials from actual linemen who’ve used the product and are satisfied with its performance.

Last but not the least, football requires a good mixture of physical strength, speed and agility. That’s why you also need to have the lightest football cleats 2020 has to offer to even be considered as one of the Best Lineman Football Cleats released in 2020! In this article we're gonna compare the top 2 lineman cleats on the market and breakdown their pros and cons for you. 

Best Lineman Cleats in 2020

Nike Force Savage Elite TD Football Cleat

To date, Nike has over a dozen offerings for the sport of football. But we’re going to look specifically into the Nike Force Savage Elite which is an excellent shoe to start with. It’s primarily made for linemen but a lot of other players in other positions tend to favor these cleats over the Vapor Untouchables or Alpha Pros simply because of the excellent construction, light weight and ankle support it provides.

Pros & Cons of The Nike Force Savage Elite 


  • These shoes come with extremely well built quality. Materials used for these cleats are top grade
  • These cleats offer excellent foot protection. This is important especially if your position places you in situations where other players could step on your feet
  • The top part of these cleats is pretty rigid which can effectively shield your toes from getting crushed.
  • Offers a very tight fit due to the all encompassing foam material and foot sleeve incorporated into the shoe, no chance for any slippage within the shoe.
  • The oversized cleats featured on the underside offer high traction so you can play effectively. 


  • Because these shoes provide a very high and tight fit, it can be extremely difficult to remove them after a game. That’s not much of a disadvantage but for some players that can be a deal breaker.
  • These cleats don’t offer too much excitement in the looks department.
  • They aren't the lightest cleats that a lineman can buy


So as you can see, the Force Savage Elite is all about performance and less about looks. But is it for you? You should try them on for size and see for yourself.

Under Armour UA Highlight MC Football Cleats

There’s all this hype surrounding Under Armour’s UA Highlight MC Football Cleats, but is it a well deserved reputation? It apparently is so. There are a lot of positive feedbacks coming from players regarding these pair of cleats!

Pros & Cons of The New UA Highlight MC 


  • These shoes are ridiculously light and yet they seem to offer the most support and protection linemen essentially need! 
  • Using the latest in 3D tech, these cleats provide a form fitting tongue and excellent contouring properties to effectively wrap the foot in a form of a second skin.
  • Entire foot is kept in a static position without hampering any outside movement preventing any toe or heel related injuries 
  • Patented UA Plasmax plate that helps provide the most amount of traction which is essential to every linemen’s game. 
  • These shoes are pretty easy to get in and out of which is a relief for most players before and after every game.


  • These shoes are not suited for players with wide feet.


Under Armour is a relatively young company and they have a long way to go in the sports shoes manufacturing industry. Continued patronage of their products and honest testimonials from actual players should help this company shape their products better to suit the needs of every individual out there who need the Best Lineman Football Cleats released in 2020.

Although Adidas has continued to produce well designed shoes specifically for football, they have yet to come up with cleats that can help linemen become more efficient with their roles in the field. That’s something to watch out for in the future so keep yourself posted because there’s a lot of new stuff coming out!

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