What are the lightest football cleats in 2020?

If you’re asking “What is the lightest cleat in football?” then you better check out Under Armour’s new offering. Under Armour may be a relatively new kid on the block in the sports shoes department but they’ve consistently managed to keep up with the big dogs. Their products are so good that they are counted as one of the best manufacturers with the top football cleats 2020 has to offer!

A follow up question to “What is the lightest cleat in football?” has to answer is: “Is it any good?” Because if build quality is sacrificed just to achieve the title of being the lightest football cleats 2020 has to offer, then it’s not going to be worth it. Remember that football is a full contact sport that not only requires speed but also raw physical strength and durability. You can’t expect to run down the field with no shoes on and expect to have an impressive victory dance afterwards, right?

No, you need the best pair of shoes that enhances your performance on the field to ensure your victory.

So, let’s answer your question by looking at what Under Armour has to offer for us.
What is the lightest cleat in football offered by Under Armour for 2020?

Under Armour’s Highlight MC Football Cleats

To date Under Armour’s Highlight MC Football cleats continues to be the number one pick not only for linemen but also for quarterbacks, running backs and all the other positions played on the field. But why is that?

UA Highlight MC Football Cleat - Summary


Using all of UA's patented tech such ClutchFit, Plasmax plate, 4D foam footbed, and V56 technology, this cleat has proved that it is the lightest cleat


The fact it is the lighest cleat, this will carry on to the field and keep your movements steady and shifty.


Knowing that this cleat is made with all of UA's ingenuity, it's cost is relatively lower than Nike's and can be found for even cheaper on Amazon. 

Overall rating :  5 / 5

These three reasons should be enough to get you off that seat and go to your nearest Under Armour retailer. But if you'd like to learn more, let’s continue to look into this product further.

Well, let’s look at the many reasons why this design works and why you should include it in your playing arsenal.

  • Under Armour’s Highlight MC is built on an existing platform. Therefore, they’ve taken something that works and made it even better!
  • The Highlight MC is worn by notable players on the field and they’ve got the wins to back up their claims that these cleats work!
  • The patented ClutchFit feature wraps around your foot like a second skin and provides the most powerful support any self respecting sports shoe would be proud to feature! It actually feels like wearing a second layer of skin. A second layer of protective skin, that is!
  • Then there’s the 3D molded tongue that was a rather new concept in the past version of the MC highlight. Now that they know what definitely works, you’ll have a more improved 3D molded tongue providing the utmost comfort and protection to your foot!
  • Most pairs of cleats would give out after being subjected to a player weighing 250 upwards but not the MC Highlight. Oh no sir, these cleats are designed to take a pounding. You see, your static weight may be somewhere in that category but once it’s game time, you’ll have to put into consideration the weight of the other player pushing against you plus the additional stress your cleats are going to experience once traction plays a part in the physical exchange. We’re talking upwards of 500 pounds of pressure exerted on your cleats. Well, thanks to the 4D foam footbed, this type of pressure is received and redirected to ensure that your foot is always going to be comfortable no matter the amount of pressure you’re subjected to.
  • And if you’re afraid of hyper extending your toe, you won’t have to think about it anymore. The V56 technology these pair of cleats come with takes care of that part and allows you to focus more on the game than worrying about hurting your toes!
  • Last but not the least, the Plasmax plate embedded into the shoe allows for natural foot movement, maximum traction force and most importantly stability.
    Now you would think that having all that technology crammed into a pair of cleats with this quality would result into a big clunky pair of shoes that would make you look like you had club feet but Under Armour has in fact managed to make this shoe have a slim profile. And the other most important thing about these shoes is its weight. At only 10.8 oz, this is arguably the lightest cleats in football!

Good enough for you? 

Some people who are a fan of other shoe brands might argue that this is not entirely true but if you look at all the features this cleats come with and how it has managed to keep the weight down, you wouldn’t be hard pressed to agree that these are extremely light!

Everything about these cleats was put into consideration to make sure that it worked just as hard as you did without weighing you down. And Under Armour has somehow managed to achieve their lofty goals of creating the perfect shoes for playing football!

Aside from being highly functional, you can’t argue the fact that these cleats look good. When you wear them, you know they’re going to catch somebody’s eye because of the striking patterns these cleats have. There are many colors to choose from which should be good for people with discerning tastes. So you see, you can actually look good and still be the hardest working player on the field!

Many professional athletes will back these claims, in fact if you check out Under Armour’s site, you’ll see a huge number of positive testimonials from players who’ve seen their performance increase just by putting these shoes on!

The MC Highlight continues to be their forerunner when it comes to FootBall cleats and many of the attributes found in these shoes have found their way to other shoes they manufacture. After all, if it works so perfectly, wouldn’t they also want to make sure that all of their other offerings are up to par?

So the next time you ask “What is the lightest cleat in football?” Let them know that Under Armour Highlight MC Football Cleat is the one and they're bound to be in a colorway that you'd love!

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