EGRs Guide to the Best Baseball Gloves of 2019

Choosing the right baseball glove can be a daunting task to do on your own, but we here at are here to make that task a little easier for you as we breakdown the best baseball gloves of 2018 by position.

Your baseball glove should be in an extension of your own hand and should blend in seamlessly as you play the game. Of course, different positions require different types of gloves and need to be broken in the right way. But first let’s get in to some baseball gloves.

Best Pitcher’s Gloves

A pitcher’s glove is nothing flashy, the glove should provide comfort and durability. As well as the pitcher being able to move the ball around,

so the batter does not see. And the pitcher does not have to do much fielding, so the Rawlings Pro Preferred Dual Hinge quite the job.

Rawlings Gamer Series Baseball Glove Review

The Rawlings Pro Dual Hinge is extremely durable and quite pricey. But with Rawlings, you get the best of the best. The Dual Hinge provides comfort and the largest pocket space to keep the ball out of the batter’s vision.

There is a special wicking in the palm of the Rawlings gloves that reduces moisture and sweating during game play. This feature provides comfort and durability that will help keep the leather in great condition. The glove also gives a sleek and intimidating look inspired by Max Scherzer.

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Best Catcher’s Mitts

A catcher’s mitt is a completely different type of glove from the rest because it has the most strenuous task. The catcher’s mitt is measured differently and is based off of the mitts circumference. The padding on a Cather’s mitt is also very important and needs to be able to withstand and absorb the force of a pitch of up to 99 mph for a whole game. That is a lot to ask for in a catcher and a glove. But we’ve picked the best glove for such a job with the Akadema ProSoft Series Catcher’s Mitt.

Akadema APP240 ProSoft Series Catcher’s Mitt ReviewAkadema APP240 ProSoft Series Glove (Left, 33.5-Inch)

Akedema is an up and coming manufacturer of baseball products and are on track to have a great year. This mitt is great for high schoolers because it can easily handle high speed pitches. The glove gets its ProSoft name from the extra padding and its better break-in period. That being said, this glove can be ready within a week to be used in game play.

The glove features a “double flex-hinge” that helps you catch the ball on impact. Combine that with it’s shock absorption design and you have a glove that is great for catchers who starting off in baseball. The glove is also made with a lighter material and a larger pocket for easy transition from glove to hand. And its affordable price also makes it more appealing to players all around.

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Best First Baseman’s Mitts

The First baseman’s mitt is made like the catcher’s mitt. Neither has any fingers and are mitts rather than a gloves because a first baseman must be able to scoop and pick throws that are thrown to him. The mitt has less padding because it is not catching pitches and is on the longer side of about 13 inches or so. For this, we recommend the Mizuno Pro GMP300 First Base Mitt.

Mizuno GMP300 Pro Baseball First Base Mitt ReviewMizuno GMP300 Pro Baseball First Base Mitt (Chestnut, 13.00-Inch, Right Handed Throw)

Like most branded and well-made gloves, this mitt is on the pricier end as it should be. This mitt comes in either H-web or single post pocket, depending on preference. The H-web gives the first baseman a deeper pocket which helps for making a better catch. The European leather on the outside makes it durable and long lasting and the deer skin in the palm prevents heavy stings.

The GMP300 uses a belt to secure the mitt around the wrist which is better over Velcro straps. This Mizuno Pro surpasses those previous than it as it’s Speed Drive Technology gives the glove perfectly balanced to provide the fastest reaction and the best response possible. Mizuno gives this glove a more a classic and vintage look which to me looks the best.

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Best Infielder’s Gloves

Infielder’s gloves are often made between 10 and 12 inches long and require a shallow pocket to provide the fastest transition between glove to hand as possible. But it is important to note that a short stop should require a deeper pocket and slightly on the longer end to make diving and jumping plays. For providing this crucial defense, we recommend one of the best baseball gloves on the market, the Wilson A2000 Infield Baseball Glove.

Wilson A2000 Infield Baseball Glove ReviewWilson WTA20RB171786 A2000 1786 Infield Baseball Glove, Blonde/Tan/White, 11.5", Left Hand

In my time playing baseball, I have come across plenty of ball players who use the A2000 as it is one of the top gloves on the market for several reasons. The padding from the wrist was removed to increase breath-ability and it did just that.

The glove features a DriLex Lining to keep your hand cool and dry, and Dual Welting for a durable pocket. This proves that the glove is comfortable and can get the job done. The gloves are approved none other than Dustin Pedroia as one of his first gloves and what he calls “the ideal infielders glove”. The Pro Stock leather offers a long-lasting glove and an excellent break-in period. If you want to get your money’s worth, this is the glove to go to.

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Best Outfielder’s Gloves

Mizuno GCP81S Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove, 12.75-Inch, Right Hand Throw

An Outfielder’s gloves is made to be longer and larger to catch fly balls and such, with a length of 12 to 15 inches. An outfielder’s glove is usually a good infielder’s glove made larger as the same companies usually dominate this space. For an outfielder, we recommend the Mizuno Classic Pro Series Outfield Glove.

Mizuno GCP81S Classic Pro Soft Series Outfield Glove Review

The Pro series outfield gloves are also made with throwback leather that is rugged, rich, naturally pre-oiled leather that keeps its shape over time. The gloves roll welting increases structure and support throughout the fingers. The Ultra soft pro’s new palm liner gives an excellent feeling and soft finish. An overall terrific glove for catching fly balls in the outfield.

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To pick the best baseball glove of 2018 is a challenge because the best glove for is whatever fits you best. And never forget that breaking in the glove the right way is just as important as choosing the right glove for you.

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