Best In the Game: Cutters Football Gloves

Do you want to be counted among the Best In the Game? Cutters Football Gloves will help you do that!

When you wear a pair of Cutters Football gloves you can be sure that once you get the ball there’s no way you’re letting go of it unless you want to.

Whatever position you play on the field, you have to be the Best In the Game, Cutters Football Gloves allows you to catch the ball, hold it with the firmest grip and pass it on if you need to with ease to the next player on the field.

But what makes Cutters the best pair of gloves in the Football today?

First of all, anyone who’s worn a pair knows how comfortable these gloves are. The added protection to the fingers is something.

So if you ever want to be the player considered as the Best In the Game, Cutters Football Gloves should be part of your arsenal!

Let’s look at the top positions in Football and analyze.


As a Quarterback your main goal is to receive the ball, direct a play and hand the ball over to the player most likely to help your team advance or reach the end zone.

For this, you need the Cutters Gamer All Purpose Gloves. These gloves have the patented C-Tack Revolution built into the gloves allowing you to hold on to the ball firmly with no chance of slipping.

The Cutters Gamer All Purpose Gloves offers the most protection that you’ll need to ensure that you can avoid any damage to your hands all without hampering your fingers’ flexibility. There is also excellent finger support to help you avoid any finger related injuries.


Linemen are the ultimate defensive team making sure the Quarterback gets to release the ball. They form a virtual wall in front of the opposing team to make sure they do not get through. As a lineman, you’re expected to be agile, quick on your feet and possess raw physical strength. In essence, you’re a ballerina with double duties as a wrestler.

The S90 Shockskin Lineman should do the job perfectly for you. These gloves feature extra padding to help prevent any extreme damage to your hands while you do your job. The EVA foam encompasses your digits all throughout to provide the necessary support it needs to avoid any injuries. At the same time, this provides for a very comfortable set of gloves.

The C-Tack material found on the palm and tips of the finger should help you grab on and hold on like a pitbull to your opponent.

Running Back

Running backs can be considered the troubleshooters in any NFL team. Not only are they expected to be able to receive the ball and take it to the end zone but they also have secondary roles to play like blocking the opposition so a team mate can pass, go through the opposition by muscling their way in or rapidly turn a game around with quick game changing decisions.

That’s why you’ll see that running backs come in all sizes from massive players to diminutive ones (when compared to the bigger players on the field). But, don’t let their size fool you because these guys are here to do a job and they do it very well!

Since a Running Back has to perform a lot of jobs on the field, he needs an all purpose glove. Cutters has one and it’s called the Cutters Gamer All Purpose Gloves.

These gloves have melded in all of the good qualities you’ll find in most of Cutters’ offerings and created a glove like no other. It has gained quite a lot of popularity after players have given it a lot of praises for their performance enhancing qualities.

First off, you have the C-Tack material found on the palm of the gloves which provides the best grip possible to allow Running Backs to hold on to the ball while running at full speed to the end zone. The extra EVA foam padding provides a snug fit which keeps movement of any kind to almost zero, this helps prevent any blistering from rubbing skin against the materials used to manufacture the gloves. On the back of the hand, you’ll find an extra layer of EVA foam padding to reduce damage taken from excessive external force applied to the back of the hand during a game.

Last but not the least, the Cutters Gamer All Purpose Gloves feature a well ventilated construction to reduce the occurrence of sweaty palms and increase the comfort level of the user.


Wide receivers play a key role in any game as they get the ball moving quickly through the ranks as soon as the Quarterback hands it off to them. You could say that receivers are the unsung heroes in any football game as they embody what it truly means to be a “team player”.

Since wide receivers play a vital role, their gloves should also be of the highest quality to ensure that they get to do their job right each and every time.

Using the latest in glove manufacturing technology, Cutters has come out with the S451 Rev Pro 2.0. These gloves allow your hands to move freely while at the same time giving it the most protection available.

There is a combination of lightweight mesh and low profile overlays strategically placed on the back of the glove to ensure proper fit, comfort and breathability so your hands can go through a whole range of motions as you wait to receive the ball. On the palm side, there’s a triple contour of C-Tack Material to ensure the most traction. After all, your job is to receive the ball. You can’t have any other glove that won’t let you do the job properly!

All of the gloves mentioned above are easy to clean and are very durable ensuring a long product lifetime. These gloves also come in different sizes to accommodate different players’ hand sizes.

Now go out there and bag the title of being the Best In the Game! Cutters Football Gloves will surely help you achieve that lofty goal!

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