Top 10 Youth Football Helmets Reviewed In 2021

It is well known that "defending" the field and keeping the other team from reaching the end can be a bit violent and full of action. That is why the protective gears of the players are of top importance.

One of the most important safety gear for the players is their helmet. It prevents them from having major injuries and concussions while playing the rough sport. According to a study from Temple University, new football helmet safety design has yet to produce the Best Youth Football Helmet In 2021. These helmets are still not considered 100% safe. The risk of injuries and concussions are still present unless the helmet takes into consideration the following:

1. Safety standard

To be considered as one of the Best Youth Football Helmet In 2021, it has to be verified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (or NOCSAE) and it has to have its sticker visible on the outside part of the helmet.

2. Prior athlete information

It has to be taken in consideration if the player has already had a concussion before, since it will increase the risk that it can happen again even if he has his helmet on.

3. Head measurement

Most especially, if the helmet will be used by youth players, the ordinary helmet meant for grown ups will not be sufficient to keep the youth safe.

4. Helmet fit and chinstrap

Before deciding on what helmet to wear, relying solely on what the highest rated youth football helmets are will not be enough. The player must specifically try at least 3 helmets to determine which fits perfectly.

5. Maintenance

Every helmet should be examined weekly to make sure it still follows the safety rules.

Guide to the perfect fit

In searching for the best youth football helmet in 2021, you will come across a lot of ratings and reviews that claim that they are the best youth football helmet reviews or the best football helmet ratings 2021, but you must remember not to solely believe in reviews and ratings.

After determining which ones on the list fit your style and your budget, it is advisable to contact the suppliers and let them bring samples to you and your team so all of you can personally try wearing their helmet. Here are some important things to consider when choosing:

-The helmet should have inflation on the top part, and it should raise the frontal rim of the helmet to at least 1 inch above the eyebrows.

-The jaw pads on the inside lining of the helmet should be touching the players jaw and not his ears.

-The rear part when there is a soft pad should not be restraining the back of the player's head. It should be comfortable enough but it should be touching the head and not letting the head wobble inside.

-The chinstrap should have equal tension on all parts of the strap. It should not be used to raise or adjust the helmet. The strap has to comfortably sit on the chin, with the cup in the middle of the chin.

Top 10 Safest Football Helmets

After learning the safety rules of football helmets, you can now choose which one you like to try. According to EliteGearReviews, these are the Best Rated Youth Football Helmet In 2021.

1. Riddell Youth SpeedFlex Football Helmet

This helmet offers a cool and aggressive design, but is still comfortable to wear. It is the best helmet in the market and at any level of the game. The SpeedFlex has received a 5 Star rating from Virginia Tech.

2. Schutt F7 Pro

You can have superior impact absorption and protection with this helmet . It also uses the TPU cushion revolution and the SUREFIT airliner to ensure a snug fit.

3. Riddell Speed

You get this helmet and its feature of having been the first in 25 years to offer a revolutionary design in football helmets.

4. LIGHT Youth Football Helmet

Haven't heard of LIGHT Helmets? Well, they're the new kids on the block that surprised everyone by earning the title "World's Lightest Virginia Tech 5-Star Rated Football Helmets" If you don't believe me, go ahead and read up on them

5. Xenith X2E Youth Helmet

Xenith X2E boasts a revolutionary new football helmet safety design wherein discs that releases impact and air that varies depending on the impact made, are evenly distributed all across the helmet, ensuring a snug and safe fit.

6. Schutt Youth Vengeance A11

This helmet's TPU cushion is more revolutionary against impact compared to traditional padding technology where you have to change the pads periodically. In this helmet, you can just pump it.

7. Schutt Youth DNA Pro +

In addition to the previous helmet's claim of better impact protection, this helmet offers more that they are better with regards to heat management and hygiene.

8. Schutt Youth Vengeance A3

It is an upgraded version of the previous Revolution style, it uses cushions that cradles the players head with air ensuring firm stability and fit for the player.

9. Schutt Youth Recruit Hybrid

Despite being cheaper than the other helmets in this list, it has the AIR advantage that makes the helmet 12% lighter than its predecessor. This makes the best choice for lightweight and low cost helmets for football.

10. Schutt Youth Air Standard V

The last in our list is the version of the Schutt Standard. It meets all the safety requirements and is a great affordable starter helmet.

There you have it, these are the top 10 safest football helmets if you are looking for the best youth football helmet in 2021. For a final note, the helmet itself is not a guarantee that the players will not have head injuries and concussions. The overall safety of your players and the game itself is still the most important precaution.

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