Top 6 Softball Bats to Rake with in 2019

When you’re looking for your first or next softball bat, there’s a lot to consider. With so many different options, it’s best to know what to look out for before spending any money. There is a list that the Amateur Softball Association of America puts out annually that has the best approved softball bats on the market.

We’ve put together a detailed list of the best bats on the market today to help take out the stress of searching to find the one that works best for you. We also mention what to look for in a great softball bat and included two comparison tables for each type of bat to make your search that much easier.

Types of Bats

When looking for softball bats, you may want to know that the Amateur Softball Association of America bats are put into two categories: slow-pitch and fast-pitch. Slow-pitch bats are used when you’re playing in a game that have slower speed pitching. You can safely assume that fast-pitch is the opposite and great for use when there is faster speed pitching during the game. Today we’ll cover softball bats in both categories so that you can find something that works in whatever type of pitching there is during your games.

Things To Look For

There are specific features and aspects of softball bats that are important to compare when shopping for a new bat Below we listed the top 3 most important things that can be crucial to your performance on the field.


When it comes to important things in a softball bat, length is at the top of the list. There are 3 ways you can measure to see if the bat length is right for you.

The first way you can measure is by taking the bat and placing the knob on the center of your chest. Then you can extend the barrel out to your fingertips. If you’re able to touch the end of the bat with the tips of your fingers, it’s the right size for you. If you’re unable to, adjust to a different bat accordingly.

The second way of checking a softball bats length is to put the base of the knob in the center of your chest facing away from you. After you do this, if you can reach and touch the barrel, it’s the right length for you.

Lastly, you could have the bat stand from the ground up, against your leg. To be the correct size for you, the bat should reach or touch your mid hip. This is the easiest and quickest way to check a softball bats length.


A softball bats weight is partially a preference but also can be determined based on your strength. You don’t want a bat that you struggle to hold up. Different bat models have different weights. You want to look for a bat that you can quickly swing when you’re up to bat and one that you can comfortable hold up.

An easy way to see if a bats weight is right for you is by a simple test. Take the bat and hold it with just one hand. Take the hand the bats in and extend that arm all the way out to your side. Hold this position for half a minute. If you can do this without shaking too much or dropping the bat altogether, you’ve found the right weight for you. It is a good rule of thumb to also make sure during this test that the bat isn’t too light for you either.


Since we’ve covered weight and length, it only makes sense to add in a bats drop. A softball bats drop is the difference between the weight and length. If the drop is smaller, that means the bat is heavier and vice versa for a larger drop. You can easily get the drop by taking the length of the bat and the weight of the bat and get the difference between the numbers. Having a drop that works for you will better your performance when you’re up to bat.

Fast-pitch Comparison Table

Bat Name Length Weight Price
Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper 17 FastPitch Softball Bat (-10) 31 inches 21 ounces Check Here
Easton Hyperlite 12 Fastpitch Softball Bat (-12) 30 inches 18 ounces Check Here
2020 DeMarini CF Zen Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10) 31 to 34 inches 21 to 24 ounces Check Here

Top 3 Fast-pitch Softball Bats of 2020

1. Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper 17 Fast-pitch Softball Bat (-10)

When you think of great bats, Louisville Slugger can easily come to mind. This is one of the best bats on the market for fast-pitch and that’s why we had to put it first on the list. The LXT Hyper 17 has incredible technology built in and is one of the most popular types of bats used in college ball. There is just one disc in the barrel that gives this bat an amazing sweet spot. The LXT models have drops between 8-12.

Like all Louisville Sluggers, on the LXT Hyper 17 you will find a trademarked end cap. This bat can be compared to the likes of a trampoline thanks to the TRU3 technology built into the handle and barrel. This absorbs the shock and decreases the vibration you’d get in your arm. Lastly, the handle is equipped with Louisville’s latest feature called Fade Synthetic grip. This feature allows for a grip you can hold for a long time and never get uncomfortable.


  • TRU3 Technology
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Fade Synthetic Grip
  • Wide Drop Options


  • Long Breaking In Time
  • Tends To Crack Inside

2. Easton Hyperlite 12 Fast-pitch Softball Bat (-12)

This is a fast-pitch bat that is approved by all the major leagues. Easton is a brand with a history of amazing manufacturing when it comes to softball bats. The best part of the Hyperlite 12 is the incredible sweet spot it has due to the Hyperlite barrel technology. If you choose this bat, you will experience absolutely no vibration thanks to Easton’s CXN Technology.

The Hyperlite 12 is made out of 2 pieces and has a 29 – 32 inch handle complete with Easton’s Hyperskin on the grip. This bat comes with a one year warranty and has plenty of great designs to choose from. The 12 in the name may be from the -12 drop this bat is equipped with. The swing on this Easton is quick and smooth and great for fast swinging.


  • One Year Warranty
  • Approved By All Leagues
  • Hyperskin Grip
  • Incredible Sweet Spot
  • CXN Technology


  • For Adult Use Only
  • Expensive

3. 2020 DeMarini CF Zen Fast-pitch Softball Bat (-10)

DeMarini’s CF line is known for producing fantastic fast-pitch softball bats. This bad is made out of materials that include the 3 Fusion Technology. This makes the bat quick and consistent during use with a maxed out sweet spot. The CF Zen has the classic DeMarini RCK knob which is said to be one of the most comfortable grips in existence. When these bats are being made, they make sure it’s a perfect temperature and amount of time to make the most responsive bat and a barrel you can depend on. We can’t talk about this bat without mentioning the Paraflex+ Composite material it’s made out of. This material gives you the best control you can imagine while at the same time reducing the amount of vibration when the ball hits. This bat comes with a 3 color design including black, grey and blue.


  • Great Sweet Spot
  • Incredibly Consistent and Responsive
  • 3 Fusion Technology
  • One Year Warranty
  • Approved By Most Leagues


  • Expensive
  • Only One Design Option

Slow-pitch Comparison Table

Bat Name Length Weight Price
Miken DC-41 SuperMax USSSA Slow Pitch Bat 34 inches 24 to 27 ounces Check Here
DeMarini Steel Slow-Pitch Softball Bat 34 inches 28 ounces Check Here
Easton HAMMER Slowpitch Softball Bat 34 inches 27 ounces Check Here

Top 3 Slow-pitch Softball Bats in 2020

1. Miken DC-41 SuperMax USSSA Slow Pitch Bat 

One reason we put the Miken DC-41 on the top spot is because it was the go-to bat choice for Denny Crine. This softball bat is new and improved and inspired the legend himself. The SuperMax is made out of two pieces including the unique 100 Comp formula which makes it incredibly powerful and has amazing speed.

Not to mention, this bat is equipped with aerospace carbon fibers that make the Miken SuperMax last year after year without compromising any performance. This great slow-pitch bat is approved by three major leagues including the NSA, ISA and the USSSA. This bat is great for players that prefer a little weight to their bats but still can give out incredible distances on swings. Another thing players like about this bat is that it’s made in the United States of America. Lastly, any bat by Miken has Triple Matrix Core+ technology. What this technology does is improves the consistency of the bat while still having an incredible sweet spot and loud pop when in use.


  • Modelled After A Pro
  • 100 Comp Formula
  • Flex 2 Power
  • Aerospace Fibers


  • No Maxload
  • Only Available in Bright Orange & Black

2. DeMarini Steel Slow Pitch Softball Bat

When it comes to slow pitch softball bats, DeMarini has taken a different approach than most other companies. Their slow-pitch softball bats aren’t made out of composite materials. The Steel is known for how durable it is while still packing in an incredible performance. This bat has a 13 inch barrel that’s 2.5 inches around. The DeMarini Steel is treated by a patented heating process, unlike other bats. It also has a carburized steel barrel, hence the name “Steel”.

The handle is a lot thinner than comparable slow pitch bats and is manufactured using ZNX alloy to make it even more comfortable for players. The end has a loaded spring weight to make this bat fast with a bit of a bounce to it. DeMarini bats are approved by nearly all major leagues. The Steel is built out of two pieces and has the classic DeMarini RKC knob. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a bat that has a lifetime warranty, like this one does.


  • Easy On The Wallet
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Tons of Power


  • Long Breaking In Time
  • Dents Easily
  • Pop Could Be Improved

3. Easton HAMMER Slow-pitch Softball Bat

If you’re looking to find a great slow-pitch softball bat that is well-balanced, the Easton Hammer is a great choice. This bat is great for players that love to have all the control when swinging the bat. Thanks to the Flex barrel on this bat, there is a 15% compression. If you enjoy an amazing sweet spot, this bat has one thanks to the Thermo Composite Technology Easton bats have.

If that’s not enough, it also has GNX Technology which allows for no vibration when ball meets bat. This bat isn’t ideal for children due to its size but does come with a one year warranty if your child still wanted to try it out. Lastly, this two piece bat has an incredible grip that not only gives the player more power and control but is also super comfortable.


  • SIC Black Carbon Handle
  • One Year Warranty
  • GNX Technology
  • Thermo-composite Technology
  • 15% Compression
  • Great Control


  • Long Breaking In Time
  • Dents Easily Over Time

Final Thoughts

Hopefully after reading this you know what you need to consider when purchasing a softball bat. You can use the comparison table provided to easily compare the different bats you might be interested in. The detailed review of 6 different bats gives you a better idea of what using the specific bat would be like and the good and bad things about it. Take your time when shopping around to find the best bat for you and remember to get a bat that is comfortable and not too heavy and you’ll be on your way to a great game in no time!

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