9 Best Soccer Shin Guards in 2019

One of the most important pieces of protective gear in soccer play is the shin guard. It does not matter if you are a professional player or only play soccer on the weekends. However avid a player, you always need shin protection and it is important to choose a reliable, safe product.

Soccer can be exhausting, given its physical demands. As such, when your legs start to get tired and you move a bit slower, shin guards become even more important. Shin guards serve as protective gear for a variety of sports including soccer, hockey, and really any contact sport.

They help to prevent physical injury to the shin without causing too much bulkiness. Because they are so lightweight, they don’t get in the way when running or moving quickly and do not hinder any movement.

Despite the fact that shin guards are lightweight and will not hinder your movement, you obviously want to find and use one that is comfortable for you personally. They are not all made equal and in order to stay on the top of your physical game, you want one that works for you personally and will not impact your game in any negative ways.

While you want to make sure you choose a shin guard that is protective and moves with you as you’re playing sports or exerting yourself physically, ultimately, they are intended to be used to help protect yourself. As such, that should ultimately be your primary concern when choosing the best product for you.

Here, you’ll find a list of the best shin guards on the market. You’ll want to consider a number of factors when choosing the product that will likely work best for you. Keep in mind the level of protection you need and the specific type of shin guard that will serve its purpose for you. For example, if you are a goalkeeper you likely need a light shin guard whereas if you are a defender, you likely need a heavy shin guard with ankle protection.

Reviews of the Soccer Best Shin Guards 2020

There are so many options on the market when it comes to shin guards. Given the sheer number available, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect choice for you and your needs. Here, we have reviewed the top 10 shin guards so that you can make your choice more easily.

When making your choice, you want to keep a number of factors in mind including comfortability, weight, size, price and unique features. You also want to be mindful of how often you plan to use your shin guards and in what capacity. If you are planning to use them for intense or aggressive gameplay, you want the highest level of protection available. If you plan on using them just for enjoyment and playing leisurely, you likely want something that will be comfortable, but not necessarily shin guards that will give you the highest level of protection.

Adidas Ghost Replique

This is an ankle shin guard made of a combination of Synthetic and EVA. This product is best suited for an adult player looking for protection and can be used by both beginner athletes as well as the more experienced athlete.

It has a single front closure along with an attached ankle guard to allow for extra ankle protection and an adjustable guard width.

This shin guard is both durable and lightweight and will not hinder your movement while playing and definitely the best shin guard of 2020 .

Vizari Malaga

This is a great option for the young athlete and works really well as a child’s shin guard. Any young athlete will be comfortable wearing these while any parent will be happy with the level of protection provided by these shin guards.

It boasts a foam padded backing for increased comfort along with a hard shell for increased protection. If you are looking for protection for a young player, this is a good option with its added features for both comfortability and increased protection.

Zone 14 Carbon Shin Guard 331

This set of shin guards offers a good deal of protection while also boasting features to help with impact deflection. These guards are made of 33% carbon fiber and 67% fiberglass. The reinforced beam construction is what helps deflect any impact which can help with both increased protection as well as more comfortability while playing sports. It also means that you can wear these during more intense gameplay as they will help to absorb any impact you might get.

These shin guards also come with a bonus. Included are Lycra compression sleeves which can increase your comfort even further. These shin guards also will not hinder your movement or become heavy. They are incredibly lightweight, and you will likely forget you’re wearing them at all.

G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards

These shin guards come in both youth and adult sizes so they can be used by the more professional athlete as well as the youthful beginner. They provide more of a basic look than some others reviewed here but offer a great level of protection. They are a simply silver metallic color with blue detailing. They are not particularly flashy in design but they do get the job done when it comes to protecting your shins and affording you the necessary ability to move comfortably.

These Champion shin guards are made of a plastic shell that has air vents for better comfort and to help prevent overheating. They have an elastic strap with a Velcro closure to ensure a close fit. You can wear this close to your body but you won’t feel restricted and you aren’t likely to overheat given the air vents and breathability features.

Adidas Ghost Lesto Shin Guard

This set of shin guards is known for its ability to create an ideal fit to the leg. It is exceptionally lightweight and flexible which helps to fit around the leg comfortably. It boasts a durable, yet soft to the touch EVA backing to help cushion potential impact. And the soft synthetic lining helps to increase comfortability for the wearer. While these offer a good deal of comfort for the wearer, you do not have to sacrifice protection to get that level of comfort. Instead, you can have the best of both worlds.

These shin guards come in a variety of sizes which means you’ll likely find one that will fit you perfectly. The height range starts all the way back at 3’11” in the x-small size and goes all the way up to over 6’3” in the x-large size.

This shin guard offers one of the highest levels of protection available. It has a hard front plate that offers one of the strongest levels of protection in shin guards. These are serious shin guards and are made to be used by the serious athlete.

These shin guards from PUMA are made of 95% Polypropylene and 5% Thermoplastic gum. Despite how it would be hard to find a set of shin guards that are more protective than these, they are not short on comfort. There is an EVA backing for extra comfortability and they offer extra cushioning as well.

  These shin guards have a feature that will help prevent overheating, which can be important when playing sports that are clearly very physically demanding. The vented design helps to increase needed airflow.

They also offer a contoured design. This means that you will ensure comfortability as it will likely mold to your leg. That comfort is not at the expense of protection as the shell is incredibly durable while also being lightweight and low-profile. Given the low-profile design, you won’t have your movement hindered by wearing these shin guards. You won’t feel inhibited but you will feel protected when wearing these.

Puma One 17.3 Slip ShinGuards

These shin guards are unique in that they are of a padded fixed ankle sock design. They offer a great deal of protection given their hard outer shell, designed to absorb high impact. So, you can wear this playing intensely and not worry about the impact you may feel.

These Puma shin guards have an EVA foam backing which helps with both comfort and added protection. This product is really ideal for the serious athlete looking for a reliable shin guard that will help absorb impact during gameplay.

Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards

This product is ideal for the serious athlete and really isn’t intended for carefree gameplay. The level of protection offered by the Nike Mercurial Lightspeed shin guards is of the highest quality and is intended to be used during intense gameplay.

These shin guards are lightweight and will not hinder your movement, but they will protect you, even during the most intense games you’ll play. The lightweight design of these shin guards is due to the polyurethane of which they’re made. They slip on and have their own sleeve to help keep them in place. The mesh lining also prevents that from falling off while also prevents you from overheating while wearing them. Air can get in while moisture is put and kept out.

If you are looking for a high quality, durable product for serious gameplay, these shin guards from Nike might be the best option for you.

Vizari Preston

The most unique feature of this shin guard is the removable ankle guard. This essentially means these shin guards can be used for both incredibly competitive and aggressive gameplay as well as light, carefree and less serious gameplay. If you are planning to get serious, you can leave the ankle guard on and if you are just playing for fun, you can remove it.

Regardless of whether you are playing with the ankle guard on or off, these shin guards are still lightweight and will not hinder your movement or gameplay. They are also made with EVA foam backing so you are both protected and comfortable while playing wearing these.

Choosing the best shin guard is important for a number of reasons. First, you want protection. This is ultimately the top reason you are wearing shin guards. And whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, there is no discrimination when it comes to injury. As such, your top priority is obviously making sure you are protected. You do not want broken or bruised bones or skin and shin guards can not only help to protect against those injuries but many actually serve to absorb much of the impact themselves so that you never even have to feel the pain associated with impact.

Beyond protection, you want to make sure that you can wear the shin guards you’ve chosen with a heightened level of comfort. You don’t want to be hindered in your ability to move comfortably and you do not want to be weighed down by shin guards that are too heavy for you to wear while running or otherwise physically exerting yourself. Lightweight is key but you do not want to sacrifice protection for lightweight. You want shin guards that provide both.

You also want to keep breathability in mind. Given the physical exertion of running, you don’t want to add to overheating by wearing shin guards that do not offer features to keep you cooled off, such as air vents. And the best shin guards that will mold to your leg for a proper fit.

Ultimately, your personal choice will depend on your kind of gameplay. Within these reviews, there are shin guards that are intended for the carefree player who is just enjoying themselves and not looking for the ultimate protection that serious athletes may need. Likewise, there are a number of products reviewed here that were built with the serious athlete in mind.

Regardless of your level of gameplay, the best shin guards of 2020 product reviews here offer great features for comfort and breathability and regardless of your level of athleticism, there is an option here for you.

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