Having the Best Soccer Cleats is Essential for Victory

You have probably asked yourself the following, “What are the best soccer cleats that I can buy to improve my game?” When trying to decide on making this important choice, the answer is not always cut-and-dry. Nothing is a one-size-fits-all option, especially when looking for a proper pair of soccer shoes (yes, it is noted that the English refer to them as football shoes).

The correct pair of cleats can make all the difference in whether you are a rockstar or a benchwarmer. We aim to make your decision at least a little easier with our EGR’s Guide for the Best Soccer Cleats of 2020. You will discover certain features about each of our top choices of the best soccer cleats to make you shine on the field!

Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats for 2020

Men’s Mercurial Superfly FG by Nike

First up is the Men’s Mercurial Superfly FG by Nike. The superior soccer cleats have been developed with the use of polyester synthetic materials, and it has an upper of spandex textile. This winning combo provides an excellent degree of breathability as well as a durable and reliable finish.

The overall visual appeal of this model is spectacular. The body is made using the blackest of black and has flanks with decals in a deep, dark purple tone that really make these pop. While the optics of a shoe may seem superficial and unnecessary to some, the vast majority of soccer players value the effort of looking good while playing good.

The soles of the cleats, made from a rigid synthetic form of plastic are a fantastic design decision on their part because they will not easily scratch and will refrain from cracking when you make contact with your soccer ball or the shoes of the other players.

Obviously, the well-known Nike brand has a reputation for providing superiority, but we think that they have outdone themselves here with this Mercurial Superfly. The welcomed extra support for the ankle by way of an elastic guard was a definite thumbs up. The guard is tight-fitting which will increase your accuracy when passing the ball and taking a shot at the goal.

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“This pair of cleats is what I would consider being the perfect overall performer because it gave me a great fit and added stability while I played all day.”

“These have been a great addition to my bag. I am someone who really prefers a firm fit because it helps me to consistently control the ball. “

  • Material: synthetic
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Frame: All-Conditions-Control Tech

Our Overall Decision

The Men’s Mercurial Superfly FG by Nike not only has a snug-fitting guard for your ankle which greatly enhances ball control, but it also boasts a sleek image on any field.

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 5 Stars

Men’s Evospeed 17 SL S FG by PUMA

The Men’s Evospeed 17 SL S FG by PUM offers your foot full-length support cannot be found elsewhere in other cleats. Strong and conversely light synthetic materials make up the shoe’s upper and sole. The brilliant scheme of colors includes purple, yellow, and black which combine to make a visual impact.

These cleats come equipped with PUMA’s form strip on your foot’s medial and lateral sides. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, it decreases the level of pressure placed upon your feet when you make that hard pass with the soccer ball.  the lateral (side) as well as the medial (middle) sides of your foot. Secondly, it provides cushioning for your feet during the extensive running you do on the field.

PUMA is clearly another reputable brand name in all sports, and now they have stepped up for soccer as well with this model. We rated this so high because we appreciate the details, such as the additional padding which makes it rise above the rest.

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“My wide feet can sometimes be a problem when I try to find a pair of cleats, but these shoes were roomier, so I highly recommend getting a pair.”

“The padding was an added bonus and gave me just the right amount of comfort where I needed it.”

  • Material: synthetic
  • Sole: rubber
  • Frame: speed frame Grip-Tex

Our Overall Decision

PUMA is rising to the challenge with their Men’s Evospeed 17 SL S FG,  model that we consider to be a well-constructed design. That great design, when combined with their additional support, makes this a real standout.

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 5 Stars

Performance Men’s Nemeziz Messi 17.3 by Adidas

Any fan of the sport knows that Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is lightning-fast and have a gift when it comes to accuracy when shooting the ball. Obviously named for him, the Performance Men’s Nemeziz Messi 17.3 by adidas has been designed for use on firm grounding.

You need this in your life since having a pair of these cleats that have authentically been designed on Messi’s style cannot be found elsewhere. Each aspect of these cleats are exceptional, and they provide extraordinary performance on the field.

The Messi GAMBETRAX stud layout studs offer you a very high level of traction for better speed. The shoe’s frame, the exposed messiFRAME, locks down around your entire foot to get a secure feeling. The outsoles give you agility necessary for the harder playing surfaces as well. The color scheme really is remarkable and contains variations of red, black, and green to set you apart on the field.

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“As soon as I put these on, I could feel the excitement. The grip and feel of these cleats were felt immediately. “

“They seemed to be a little slim at first, but I was able to adapt very quickly without any problem.”

  • Material: mesh, synthetic
  • Sole: rubber
  • Frame: Messi GAMBETRAX

Our Overall Decision

The Messi screams, “I came to play”. The moment you step onto the field, the stunning good looks and hall of fame performance will immediately set you apart from the rest. With a design conceived with agility in mind, these soccer cleats have a highly unique and effective bandage construction to provide you with unmatched flexibility and support.

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 5 Stars

Men’s Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi

The Men’s Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi Soccer Cleats have  made our list due to their better affordability when compared to other more well-known brand names. They look unique and will not blend in with many of the other white and black shoes you often see on the field.

The upper is made with a shell of polyurethane called Kurim-PU which has proven to be the new kid on the block. The desirable Puntoflex technology is used in order to lessen the strain of the ball’s impact. The awesome appearance is eye-catching and brilliantly patterned.

The EVA midsole is vital in getting you the full amount of control you need to balance and turn correctly and quickly.  These have soles made using lightweight nylon in order to reduce any of the possible weight lag often found in cheaper shoes with soles made of full rubber which is undesirable.

It offers features that are functional, yet unique. This has led these being recognized throughout the world of soccer and make them a strong competitor to their brand names.

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“My son loves these cleats, and this was his third pair. He likes the fit, and I like the value, so keep up the good work!”

“These are ultralight but still give me more power and turning ability than the many other cleats I have had.”

  • Material: synthetic
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Frame: Vapor

Our Overall Decision

The Men’s Nike Mercurial Vapor Xi is a top-notch workhorse cleat. The eye-catching looks and overall durability enhance this already lightweight and affordable option. They offer elevated support for your feet while allowing you to be reactive and precise when it counts the most.

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 4 Stars

Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Primeknit by adidas

The Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Primeknit has been developed using an astounding amount of technology that sets these apart from other soccer cleats. The upper has been made of a soft and new material, PRIMEKNIT, blended using textile and synthetics. This offers you a great deal of breathability, durability, and flexibility.

You will notice a sock lining that has been pre-molded and placed along with shoe, giving you comfort with extra lining to soothe your tired dogs! The shoe’s lining on the inside is a compression-molded lining created to give you more of featherweight padding to prevent odors rm bacteria. Having this odor protection and linings that are anti-microbial linings offer protection from overbearing and obnoxious bacterial scents, and your shoes will stay nice and fresh throughout and after your soccer games.

These cleats use Primeknit tech which is noted for being a huge plus for athletes who want the desirable combination of flexibility and firmness in their shoes.  In terms of the visual design, the color scheme is a no-fuss, all-business black and grey duo which says, “I’m here to win the game, not a fashion contest.”

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“These boots wrapped my feet like a boa, and the fit made me feel like I had total control. I play 2-3 times a week, so a very little bit of help that I can get in the “smelly-feet” department, I will gladly take!”

  • Material: synthetic
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Frame: Sprintframe

Our Overall Decision

The shoe’s use of Primeknit technology is a feat of engineering in itself. That aspect alone makes this model emulate the level of fit that rivals an Indy car! When you combine that with the bonus of having odor control and protection through its antimicrobial feature, you truly have a winner in this choice!

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 4 Stars

Men’s DS Light X-Fly 2 K by ASICS

The Men’s Ds Light X-Fly 2 K model by ASICS exceeds expectations by offering removable soles. This will give you the chance to customize your cleats to make them work for you! This added customizability is not often found in professional soccer cleats, but it is a desirable feature because it can greatly improve your overall hygiene and comfort when pounding the ground on the field.

The cleat’s upper has a unique combo of having both leather and various synthetic materials which really puts you at an advantage. The combo increases flexibility when you move while withstanding extended wear. You will see that the cleat has a sole composed of a synthetic polyurethane blend. This feature will make it appropriate for defenders and strikers alike since it has suitable levels of mobility.

Boasting removable insoles for variance, these shoes let you replace the insoles with whatever kind you want at any time you want! While running on the tough ground may require you to put in an insole with extra padding, you can use these same shoes when you switch over to a softer and lighter grass by simply replacing it with a lighter insole.

While the insole is a definite advantage over many other varieties of the cleat, that isn’t the only feature of this boot. The colors are aesthetically-pleasing with its bright green laces and studs that pop on the backdrop of a white and black body.

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“I actually use these when on my ultimate frisbee team that plays most weekends, so I have put these cleats through the wringer. I thought the lower heel might affect me after a while, but it didn’t at all.”

“Being able to swap the sole in-and-out is an added bonus and lets me change them depending on the what kind of field I’m playing on.”

  • Material: synthetic
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Frame: X-Fly

Our Overall Decision

A multitude of features is added with this Ds Light X-Fly 2 K shoe. A compound of synthetics and leather allow the cleats to maximize their longevity and flexibility. It has a crisp, clean overall look with lime green accents that will no doubt cause numerous double-take glances when you rock them on the field.

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 4 Stars

Nike Men’s Vapor 12 Academy Soccer Cleats

The light, yet strong Vapor 12 Academy cleat by Nike is partially made from kangaroo leather!  When Nike combines this with synthetic material, it gives these unique cleats superb flexibility and longevity that you will notice immediately.

The bendable sole has been creating from polyurethane, giving it greater flexibility for when you need to quickly make turns and maneuvers while playing at the top of your game. These shoes provide a nice and secure overall fit with an inside liner that holds its shape.

A nice feature is the shoe’s ribbed tongue with sides that have elastic gussets to help maintain the shoe’s shape. over time. The tongue will also give you that extra amount of cushion you need for added support, especially during long fierce competitions.

From an optical perspective,  these soccer cleats are gleaming with tones of orange, green, and white. Not only does the shoe have a thrilling color scheme, but it is one of the more affordable options by Nike. Don’t let that fool you though because they didn’t sacrifice quality with this model.

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“A teammate suggested that I get a pair of these. When I first tried them, I thought they might be a little too tight, but that feeling rapidly went away. I’m really glad I didn’t send them back because once I wore them a couple of times, they conformed to my feet, and I’ve never had a better pair, ever!”

“Not really knowing what to expect when I bought these, I quickly realized that these give me the best of both worlds with the cushion and the firm support.”

  • Material: leather
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Frame: hyperstability

Our Overall Decision

We have to hand it to Nike because they truly created a great “bang for your buck” option when they designed this shoe. Extreme durability, craftsmanship, and mobility make this cleat a necessary addition to anyone’s gear list. The awesome kangaroo leather element really says all there is left to say!

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 4 Stars

Predator 19.3 FG Soccer Shoe by Adidas

Not just included for its catchy name, these Predator 18.2 FG Soccer Shoes by adidas have been designed to give you the traction, speed, and stability required for powerful play on the field. It has a collar with a decent amount of stretch, allowing expansion of your feet when you need it.

While providing a noticeably supportive fit, these cleats have an outsole made using TRAXIONTM FG, a technology that increases comfort levels and grip alike. You will find that this provides you with an ability to maintain ball control at all times.

The vibrancy these shoes showcase demand attention and respect. There are incredible colors, including fluorescent splashes of yellow and hot pink throughout that will keep all eyes on you when you are wearing them.

Since the shoe’s frame is injection-molded, it allows you to stabilize your swift movements. The unique hybrid studs will immediately give you superior traction and optimize your rotation. This model will give you the featherweight movement you are looking for without breaking the bank.

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“A very sturdy cleat that has a surprisingly good feel, it’s a perfect cleat for my own personal level of play.”

  • Material: mesh, synthetic
  • Sole: rubber
  • Frame: Layers that are TPU-injected

Our Overall Decision

A great all-around cleat, especially when traction and ball control are of key importance to you. These also come with a dazzling color scheme that will really make you stand out in the field. The level of flash these shoe offer cannot be understated and will leave everyone else wanting a pair.

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 4 Stars

Men’s Evopower Vigor 2 Graphic FG by PUMA

Perhaps these Evopower Vigor 2 Graphic FG Men’s cleats by PUMA are the best pick among our listings yet if you happen to be an intermediate or semi-professional soccer player. These are a go-to-choice for players who are seeking powerful, yet affordable cleats to boost your level of play with useful features throughout. While these are going to be more friendly to your wallet, they are by no means the last resort.

You will appreciate that the soles are made of rubber and the upper is comprised of very light mesh. This will benefit you the most on more solid ground without being as heavy as some other cleat options. The coloring on these is striking, with contrasts of orange and black that look fierce.

A pair of these Evopower Vigor 2 cleats features a good amount of padding and cushioning which you find necessary during your long bouts of play. Developed using durable materials, these are a great pair that offers what you need when you are ready for action on the soccer field.

Customer Reviews: The following are a couple of examples of REAL customer reviews on these cleats:

“These felt pretty stiff at first but surprisingly warmed up nicely. I wear a size 9.5M (US), and they feel snugger every time that I wear them.”

“I was looking for football boots that weren’t heavy but had tough studs, and these didn’t disappoint!”

  • Material: synthetic, microfiber
  • Sole: rubber
  • Frame: Gradual Stability Tech

Our Overall Decision

These lightweight cleats are a well-appointed shoe for the avid soccer enthusiast. You will get a boot that contains snug padding that is easy to clean as well. The durability and longevity are the highlights here for this moderately-priced cleat.

Editor’s Rating (out of 5): 4 Stars

A Complete Buyers Guide – The Best Soccer Cleats

Choosing among the best soccer cleats is vital if you want to do more than play backyard soccer. Having the ability to quickly shift your movements allow you to improve your soccer skills while tiring less. This decrease in fatigue is achieved by reducing slippage on the soccer field with a proper pair of cleats.

No matter if you are considered to be a defender, a striker, or a goalie on the field, there are options we have played out for you here. Help us help you by learning more about these options that will definitely improve your game, regardless of which you choose. We do the testing and the legwork, and then we let you in on our top choices because we love soccer and strive to see all players be the best.

Common Questions When Deciding on the Best Soccer Cleats

What are some of the best soccer cleats available?

What position you play in soccer is an important determining factor when choosing among the best soccer cleats. There are factors that come into play when you are seeking a game advantage with your cleats.  The following are just a handful of factors for you to consider in your research:

Above all, the fit of your cleats is the most important feature to look for. How the soccer shoes fit you overall is essential because you absolutely must have comfort. Otherwise, you will be distracted by the pain or irritation, and this is unnecessary. You want to pay attention to added cushion, finding wide enough shoes, and anything else specific to your own comfort needs.

While this could be considered a side-note to the overall fit mentioned above, we think it is essential to get the more pop collar. This collar is the deciding factor on rotating your ankle rotation and bending your legs.  Yes, the looser collars will swiftly rotate your ankles, but this will increase your chances of getting an injury if you leave the joints unsupported and extend them too much. Our suggestion is to first get a full or firm collar to begin with since you can use your skills in mindful play strategies to compensate.

The many changes in cleats are mainly due to the advances in technology which can now produce a wide array of studs in all sizes and shapes. Just a few examples are triangles, cylinders, and chevrons. A stud pattern and design that is emphasized on the foot’s front will more likely be found on the boot of a striker. A defender would be more prone to having an even spread design.

You absolutely must have padding placed in the correct spots on your cleats. The tips of your feet are the main areas getting the brunt of the strain from ball passing. Please ensure you have sufficient padding for the necessary support it offers.  If you want to lose some of the cushioning in order to lose a portion of the weight, we would advise against that.

Can you describe the best soccer cleats for defenders, strikers, and goalies?

The soccer position you hold will determine which are the best soccer cleats for yourself. We have made this easy for you by showing the differences below.

A striker will generally need to move fast and shoot at goals with power and high levels of velocity. Therefore, it is smart to ensure the cleats you choose have an upper that can withstand some heavy wear and tear. Get a strong and durable material on the top while making sure to remember that you do not always want a heavier option.

Instead, look for a material that has been designed to allow you to flex upon touch and this will be beneficial since you can remain comfy when you are running and can become more rigid at the appropriate times.

Strikers should opt for the lighter options since they want to move about the field freely. In addition, you need to be looking for studs arranged in a way which resemble the cleats that many defenders wear since they provide a greater degree of control when you are striking.

Can you provide examples of the best soccer cleats on a budget?

Our top pick for one of the least expensive and affordable pairs would be the Men’s Evospeed SL by PUMA, mainly due to the shoe’s superior construction. It has a rubber sole that is solid, along with an upper that is made of mesh. This combo is a recipe for success because you get the durability without the heaviness.

Another reason we like this model is that it is crafted using quality materials without requiring you to spend everything you have. You do not have to get cleats that are cheaply made because you want a cheaper price. These are not your grandpa’s cheap stock shoes!

All of these soccer cleats we have described for you above in our New Guide for Choosing the Best Soccer Cleats for 2020 are viable options for improving your skills on the soccer field. The information we provided above in our will hopefully assist you in making that all-important decision when asking yourself, “What are the Best Soccer Cleats for Me?”

There is no doubt that you can significantly improve your game, and we are certain that you will be astonished at the ease in which you can kick the ball off and score once you start wearing a pair of any of these reputable brands.

Make sure to check EGR’s review on shin guards to go with your cleats!

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