Guide To The Best Football Gloves 2020

Are you planning to equip yourself with the right football gloves to enhance your game? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Look through our list of the Best Reviewed Football Gloves 2020 and you’ll find the gloves to work with! It doesn’t matter what position you’re playing, we’re going to try and give you the information you need.

Before anything else, it is very important to understand what type of football gloves that fit your needs. What is your position? For receivers and running backs, it is necessary to have a lightweight and flexible pair of gloves with an enhanced palm grip and light padding on the back of the hand. You also need to make sure that it has an extended tack from the palm, around the fingers and up the thumb because you need to hold onto and control the ball while remaining light and quick on your feet while playing;

On the other hand, if you’re a linemen, you should have a more durable and rigid pair of gloves because you’re bound to take the hardest and heaviest hits on the field.

Nowadays, there are a lot of football gloves to choose from, but remember, nothing beats a pair of gloves that will provide maximal protection and powerful grip, enhance your performance and improve your level of comfort while pushing through the game! So here's what we have for you! The following list of Best Reviewed Football Gloves 2020 will showcase the top rated football gloves in the market. Let's take a look at the best football gloves from the most trusted brands in the game!

Top Reviewed Football Gloves 2020

Cutters Gloves

Cutters gloves are considered as the best performance gloves in the market. They are commonly used by professional players in the field. They are well known for their innovative "C-Tack" grip (strong, self-storing and can be used in all weather conditions) that performs better than any other gloves. Let's take a look at their receiver and lineman gloves.

Rev Pro Cutters Gloves


  • It has C-Tack palm for strong grip
  • It also has an extended C-Tack wrist that increases the traction area for your hand
  • It has synthetic panels that adds support and durability
  • Back of the hand is flexible and lightweight
  • Excellent in all weather conditions
  • Can easily be cleaned by using a damp cloth; it is machine washable.


  • Quite expensive in the market. Sometimes you have to pay top dollar for high quality stuff.


An overall great glove for all skill positions. Cutters is known for making the best gloves and protective gear year after year.

Cutters Force Lineman Gloves


  • It features a special C-Tack material that is designed to help you get a better grip on the opponent.
  • They are made up of highly breathable materials which makes it comfortable to use 
  • Performs well in all weather conditions
  • You can restore the grip by wiping it with damp cloth or using washing machine, it is dryable.


  • Not the most stylish football gloves around. These gloves put a priority on performance over good looks.


Great for lineman. I've seen a lot of lineman use these and never had any complaints. I've also used these myself and I can confidently say these are the best lineman gloves I've ever used.

Under Armour Football Gloves

Everyone knows that Under Armour Football Gloves are one of the best made gloves in the market.

If you want a high performance pair of gloves that offers comfort and flexibility without sacrificing traction and grip, then these are the ones you need. And to think you’re basically getting a good discount when you get these gloves.

So is it any wonder that they’re part of the best reviewed football gloves 2020 has to offer?

Under Armour F6 Football Gloves


  • Single-piece, durable and ultralight
  • It’s made up of breathable, stretch-woven fabric and is perforated all over to allow total mobility and superior ventilation
  • It has GrabTack palm that is super sticky which provides superior ball control
  • Its Power Catch technology highly secures thumbs and fingers to reduce twisting


  • There are limited sizes and colors


Under Armour football gloves aren't the best, but they have their own perks. If you're a UA fan and that's your brand, there's nothing with getting yourself a pair of these.

Nike Football Gloves

Nike has always been popular in the market when it comes to protective gear and apparel. This is because Nike has always made it a point to include the latest in sports protection technology in all of the products they produce. Well, Nike's latest football glove styles have the advanced palm material (Magnigrip CL) that delivers solid grip and long lasting durability!

So what's considered as the best examples in the current list of Nike football gloves 2020 have to offer?

What we have is the Nike Jet Football Gloves that can definitely be the best option for those who are seeking for an all-white, durable football gloves with good design and strikes fear into your opponent.

Nike Jet 5.0 Football Gloves 


  • Thin and lightweight; it has no cuff construction for better grip
  • Its next generation Magnigrip palm extends all the way to the wrist
  • With openings on the top that enhances breathability and integrated ventilation; stretch mesh material covering the top hand and knuckles on the other hand enhances flexibility for finger movements
  • With hyperfuse technology that's seamless and lightweight giving more protection to the fingers
  • Considered as one of the football gloves with the best design


  • Since their the latest they're a bit more expensive
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Now these Nike football gloves are probably the most commonly used ones but I've seen players go through pair after pair of these during a season. They may look great but they come at a steep cost.

Adidas Football Gloves

Adidas is also making waves in football with its own design and style especially focusing on providing the most "lightweight" gloves. Adidas manages to do this by incorporating well-ventilated compression fabrics that keeps everything light and cool.

They also come in various colors that will surely match any football uniform. To be honest about it, Adidas has always been very much in tune with the market and that’s the secret to their length of tenure in the football sports equipment market.

It's not surprising that they’re also included in the Best Reviewed Football Gloves 2020 list we have for you.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, you have got to try their popular Adidas Adizero 4.0 Football Receiver Gloves!

Adidas Adizero 4.0 Gloves


  • It features a custom-fit with vented mesh finger crotch. It allows the fingers to stay cool and comfortable and at the same time give them a wide range of movement.
  • Uses the latest in Synthetic technology resulting in a lightweight pair of gloves.
  • It has unparalleled grip technology which makes it perform well in all weather and surface conditions
  • High quality and outstanding football gloves; it is one of the top choices of many professional players


  • Quite expensive in the market. And once again, you pay top dollar for high quality stuff!


I think these are like the UA gloves. If you like Adidas, you buy these. It's preference. They are in the same tier, not better, and not worse.

Battle Oxygen Football Gloves

Play with confidence with the superior impact dispersing protection of theBattle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves! These gloves are very well-designed for receivers especially with the strategically placed padding on the thumbs, knuckles and wrists. 

Battle Oxygen Football Gloves


  • Durable and lightweight
  • It has a detachable wrist support


  • They tend to get worn out quicker


These are great practice glove, buya couple pairs for practice so you don't have to worry about wearing out your Nike's or Cutter's before game day. 

All good things have to come to an end and we hope you enjoyed this Best Reviewed Football Gloves 2020 article we’ve given to you!

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