Best Football Training Equipment 2020

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SKLZ has long been in the business of providing the best sports equipment to almost all sports genres. What you have here right now is the Best Football Training Equipment 2020 has to offer to both pro and amateur athletes from SKLZ. They’ve been in this business for a long time and their length of tenure in this area of expertise has provided them with the ability to easily identify what players need to enhance their training experience.

So, let’s go over some of the training equipment you’ll find in SKLZ and discuss how these things will help you.

Best Football Training Equipment 2020

Let’s start with equipment that will help you improve your speed and agility. Since the game of Football focuses on getting that ball and reaching the end zone in the fastest time possible with the least amount of resistance met, you’ll need to make sure you’re fast enough and slippery enough to get through the opposing team’s defenses.


In Football, explosive leg power is important for dashing and sprinting short distances. To get that, you’ll need the SpeedSac as part of your resistance training equipment. You basically drag it around the field and increase or decrease the weight as needed to adjust for each individual player’s development.

Agility Cones

Having the ability to twist and turn while in full motion is a very important skill in this game. You’re not going up against static defenders who are just going to stand there. No, they’re going to run towards you, at full speed, with the intent to tackle you to the ground. If that’s not reason enough for you to try and dodge these guys, keep in mind that an average lineman weighs in at the very minimum, 250 lbs!

So place these on the ground and make a very convincing obstacle course to improve your agility tenfold and avoid any unnecessary injuries when it’s game time.

Speed Hurdle Pro

Evading opposing players is one of the most physical aspects of the game. The key thing here is to get the ball to the other end of the field. You can dodge, you can weave, you can jump over the other players, just get the ball to the end zone. That’s all that matters!

If you have to take one thing in this Best Football Training Equipment 2020 has to offer list, take the Speed Hurdle Pro. It’s basically a complete package in itself as you can train for speed and agility with this device with the extra feature of improving a player’s jumping ability to clear obstacles.

Speed Chute

Last but not the least: you’ll have to take into consideration resistance from the air. Humans just aren’t that aerodynamic.

The Speed Chute is going to greatly exaggerate the resistance you’ll meet from the air as you run from point A to point B. The faster you run, the more resistance it’ll provide. Not only does this give you a clear demonstration of the effects of wind resistance but it also acts as a variable speed training tool. You just basically strap it on and it’ll do the job of adjusting resistance for you to compensate for your speed and leg strength.

Universal Kicking Tee

Another way to get the ball closer to the end zone is by kicking or punting it. This is a good way to gain some mileage across the field.

This is a piece of durable molded rubber that basically holds the ball for you while you improve your kicking ability and strength. Now you don’t need another player wasting precious training time to improve their own skills because they’ve been relegated to holding the ball in place for punting or kicking exercises.

SKLZ Ladder

A ladder should be a staple in any football training session/workout. It's the best way for any athlete to get their footwork right for the season.

Medicine Ball

Sure there are a lot of medicine balls in the market today but are there medicine balls specifically made to train linemen and help improve their raw physical strength?

SKLZ understands that although the medicine ball is a pretty standard piece of training equipment, no other company has produced one specifically for football linemen.

So what you have is a product that improves the defensive capability of this very specific position played on the football field.

There are many weights and sizes to choose from and you can use it in a variety of ways on or off the field.

Quickster QB Trainer 7 x 7

One of the most important positions (if not the most important position) in Football is that of the Quarterback. If you’re playing one, you need to be able to think fast on your feet and call out plays that will help your team win. On the physical side, you need to have the physical strength to launch the ball towards another player in your team accurately.

That’s what the Quickster QB Trainer 7 x 7 is for.

This is a highly portable training equipment that can help you increase your ability to launch the ball in the air and hit a target accurately. The three nets positioned within the structure allows for varied targets so you can have someone call out the direction to throw the ball.

In conclusion, SKLZ is the best resource for the Best Football Training Equipment 2020 has to offer for for both pro and amateur athletes. Anyone can benefit from the equipment featured here. Whether you’re playing the Quarterback position, wide receiver position or lineman position, SKLZ has the right equipment that will help you improve your skills.

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