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In playing football, it is not only important to make sure that you have the right gear, like having an appropriate uniform, helmet, and shoulder pads, what is more important is that you make sure that your gear fits you well and will not hurt you in the process of playing. Not wearing the correct size of your gear will increase your chances of getting hurt while in the field.

The uniform and the helmet is quite easy to determine when you fit them, but the shoulder pads, what is the correct way of fitting it? How snug and fit should it be? Is it ok as long as it covers your shoulder? Should it also cover the side of your arm? These questions are important while looking for the best football shoulder pads 2020.

What should be your area of concern?

When choosing from the many choices which claim that they are the best football shoulder pads 2020, what really should you consider? It's not as if you can buy the first one that you see in the list, right? Of course not! You have to consider a lot of things, here are some:


Of course, the number one consideration is the weight. You don't want to give your players a set of gear that is too heavy for them. Doing so will make them wear out faster while in the field. They will get tired easily and they will move slower when they have a heavy gear.


The shoulder pads should be rigid, how else can it protect the player if it isn't, right? But in addition to being rigid, the shoulder pads also have to be flexible enough to let the player throw, tackle, run and move comfortably.

Contact dispersion

When a player gets hit, the force that hit his body should be dispersed by the pads properly so as not to transfer all the force to the body and cause broken bones and/or bruises.

Motion range

The players should also be able to move without difficulty. Their range of motion should be clear with the consideration to the weight and flexibility of the shoulder pads.

These are the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best football shoulder pads. After, determining this, it is time to know how you can find the perfect fit.

How to find the right fit for the Best Football Shoulder Pads for you

It won't matter if you have the best football shoulder pads this 2020, most especially if the fit is not right. No matter how much money you spent for it, and how cool you think you look because of it, it will all go to waste if it won't serve its purpose, which is to keep you safe while you are playing.

1. Let someone measure you

Yes, it's not as if you can't measure yourself, asking for help is not a sign of weakness, you know? Like in this instance, when you do measure yourself, especially your back part, you will look awkward and more than that, it may cause you to make a mistake while measuring. When it comes to your safety, the slightest mistake can mean a big thing. So go ahead, ask someone to do it for you.

2. Raise your hand at a 45 degree angle

Once you raise your hand, let the person measuring you find the indent in your shoulder. It is the fold where your shoulder connects to the arm. It is the point where the arm starts go up. Measure it from the back. Take note of the measurement from shoulder to shoulder.

3. Measure your chest

Raise your hand again a little bit. Have the person measuring you, start from your chest and around your whole body until it reaches the other end where you started.

4. Find the right fit

After knowing your measurements, you will be able to determine what size of pads you can fit. The rules of thumb are that the shoulder pad should rest comfortably on your shoulder and about 1 inch of it extends from your shoulders. It also should not be pinching your collar to make you move comfortably.

5. Raise your hand

Completely raise your hand. You should be able to properly raise it without difficulty. The pads should be covering your chest up to the upper part of your stomach even if you raise your hand.

Classifications of the Best Football Shoulder Pads

Moreover, after finding the right fit and with the right factors, there are yet more kinds to know about the best football shoulder pads 2020. This is depending on the position the player plays, but of course, in the end, it will still depend on where they are comfortable.

-WR/QR Shoulder Pads

These pads have smaller shoulder flaps that do not go as far down to the body. This allows maximum mobility with a wide range of motion while having minimal weight.

- Skill Pads and RB/DR Pads

This also has small shoulder flaps, but it goes further down the body for more protection. It has a swim cut design to allow more movement.

-All Purpose Pads

The all purpose pads have even bigger shoulder flaps and go further down the body for more protection. It has less of a swim so it allows lesser movement compared to the previous skill pads that were discussed.

-Lineman Pads

These pads offer the most protection because it has bigger shoulder flaps, and it goes far down the body. It is not swim cut, so it restricts the movement.

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There you have it, these are the Best Football Shoulder Pads 2020 has to offer. Remember, it is not enough that you have the best gear that you can buy. The best and the most expensive gear is not a sole guarantee that you will not get hurt. It offers protection, but safety inside the field and while playing will still be your best bet when it comes to your safety.

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