Best Football Wide Receiver Gloves Reviewed for 2020

Let’s say you’re a wide receiver, you’re the person in the team responsible for making plays to put your team on the board. And you’re doing all that while in constant threat of getting run down by a couple of all county DBs.

And under that spotlight every aspect of you is going to get scrutinized. The way you think, is that YOU are the person most likely be getting the ball, what possible scenarios were running through your mind, what shoes you’re wearing and even the somewhat irrelevant question about What football gloves are right for you?

And that should get you thinking, why would people be interested with What football gloves are right for you? After all, the natural talent is in you and it doesn’t come from any magical piece of clothing right?

But, you’ll have to admit, gloves do play a major role in your position as a receiver on your team. First off, you have to hold on to the ball, control it and then keep the ball in your hands til the end.

So there’s a lot of emphasis put on your hands’ ability to help you perform your job. And the gloves are there as protective material as well as a performance improvement piece of equipment.

So, let’s try to answer the question “What football gloves are right for you?” by looking at the top gloves in the market today and check out the pros and cons of each one.

The solution to all your worries:

What are the qualities we’re looking for in a good pair of gloves?

Excellent Grip quality

We’ve already mentioned the importance of having the ability to hold on to the ball and control it while it’s still in your hands. So, you need to make sure that that football doesn’t leave your hand unless you absolutely want it to.

Gloves that offer a lot of traction are perfect for this job. The quality of the surface against the surface of the football will enhance your grip quality if you have the right materials built into the gloves.

And for hygienic purposes, these gloves have to be easy to clean without compromising the grip quality.

Offers a high level of protection

You’re going to be the main target when you’re out in the field. so, you might as well try your hardest to protect your number one investment in the game which is your pair of hands.

There are a lot of football gloves designed specifically to provide a lot of protection by adding layers of padding to the outer portion of the hands. In this, case the back of the hand. Some gloves also extend this protective portion to the wrist and half of the arm.


You need gloves that won’t hinder your ability to perform your job to the fullest. Your fingers need to be able to flex in order to launch the ball in the air accurately or to catch it.

Gloves made with flexible material should be on top of your list as potential sports equipment to get when you visit an athletic equipment store.

Provides the most comfort and has a host of other minor features

Last but not the least, your gloves have to be comfortable to wear. Find gloves that are built with comfort as a top priority.

Other minor features your gloves should have are the ability to keep your hands dry and well ventilated as well as look cool on the field.

After all, you should wear the sports equipment that also says something about your personality.

Top 3 Football Gloves for Receivers

To help get you moving in the right direction, we’re going to talk about the top sports gloves manufacturers and why you should or shouldn’t buy their gloves.

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Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Gloves

If there’s any manufacturer out there that you should definitely check out, it has got to be Cutters. Cutters has been providing high quality gloves to both pro and amateur athletes and the amount of praises heaped on their products is astounding.

So what makes these gloves the best? Well, it’s the presence of the C-Tack technology that Cutters has incorporated into their gloves. The C-Tack layer allows for maximum grip at all times which makes it easier for any player to hold on to the ball with minimum effort.

And it doesn’t hurt that these gloves are very stylish. But underneath all that glitz is a hardworking pair of gloves that will help you hold on to the ball and protect your hands from any unnecessary damage.

These gloves are a bit expensive though, but if you want the best product in the market, you’re just going to have to shell out some serious cash.

Under Armour F6 Football Gloves

Under Armour may have put a lot of effort into their shoes department but that doesn’t mean they’ve totally forgotten about the products that brought them to the top of the list.

Under Armour continues to churn out high quality protective sports equipment and this year, they’ve got the Under Armour F6 Football Gloves to brag about.

Don’t let the price fool you, these may be considered very inexpensive but that doesn’t mean it’s not cut out to do the job.

The Under Armour F6 Football gloves are very comfortable to wear. It’s like having a second layer of skin over your hands. A layer of highly dense skin that will protect you from any impact that is!

It has everything you’d want in a pair of gloves from having excellent grip to providing the most comfortable environment for your hands to be in when playing or practicing.

Sadly, these gloves don’t come with any customization features in terms of colors and if you’ve got big hands, you might find it hard to find the right pair with the right size that’ll fit you like, well like a pair of gloves.

Nike Jet 5.0 Receiver Football Gloves

Would any list be complete without including the Nike brand?

To complete the list, Nike’s Jet 5.0 Receiver Football Gloves are already available in the market and they are extremely well crafted gloves that show you what a well funded company can do with an otherwise oft ignored piece of sports equipment.

The Nike Jet 5.0 Receiver Football Gloves is made of the highest quality of material to provide the most flexibility to your fingers.

It is rather thin though. Still, it’s a good looking pair of gloves that performs what it’s supposed to do well enough.

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So pick wisely, make sure you don’t scrimp too much on your gloves after all, you’ll have a really long relationship with them and you don’t want gloves that won’t stand the test of time!

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